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The mortgage industry is cyclical. FIT understands that better than anyone. We have been working closely with lenders for decades and have designed our services to meet their needs.

Though our personalized, concierge service gives the impression that we are a small agency, we aren’t. We have the personnel, the technology and the bandwidth to meet your needs regardless of volume or geographic area.

We coordinate the flow of documents throughout the transaction and work closely with your client to ensure that when it comes time to close, no task has been left half-finished or incomplete.

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Our goal is to treat you with personalized service by getting to know your goals and helping you to achieve success. We’ll partner with you to provide fast and accurate title and settlement services. By continuously analyzing our processes and integrating the newest technologies, we streamline our processes so you get faster turnaround times to meet your important deadlines. Start building a professional relationship with us today. Send an inquiry now.

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