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The Benefits Of Living in a Townhouse

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What is a Townhouse?

If you are someone who desires to live in more of a “home” environment than offered in a typical apartment, a townhouse may be perfect for you. While you won’t have the large outdoor space and privacy of a typical detached home, you will be able to reap most of the benefits at a lower cost. Like apartments, townhomes share walls with neighbors and are located in urban areas. However, they are built in a vertical design and usually contain multiple floors, a private entrance, and even a small outdoor space.

Less Maintenance

Townhomes often require less maintenance than a conventional home because they ask renters to be members of the Home Owner’s Association. For a small additional monthly fee, staff will maintain the lawn, cover siding replacement and roof repairs, and do any necessary painting. This will save you both time and money since these fees can add up. Some townhomes will also cover repairs inside the house as well. This is good news for those who do not want to stress about maintenance.

Location, Location, Location

Townhomes take up less space than regular, detached homes because of the vertical design. This makes it possible for them to be in urban areas, where space would otherwise be too small. As a result, these homes are mostly near public transportation, restaurants, and shops. This is great for people who commute and desire to be closer to more amenities.

Multiple Amenities

Since you will be living in a complex, townhomes provide common areas containing various amenities. Depending on the place, residents could have access to a pool, a gym, a smoothie bar, or more. This is a nice luxury that conventional homeowners would have to pay a high price to enjoy. Access to these facilities is free to residents of townhomes and they are all maintained by the staff. This is yet another opportunity to save money since you will not have to pay for an outside gym or public pool membership.

Safe Living

For most homebuyers, safety is a top concern. When living in a townhouse, you can put those worries to rest. You will be surrounded by a community of neighbors and some townhomes are even gated with security. While you may not have the privacy of a typical home, the complex-style living offers a safer environment.

Low Price-Tag

Arguably the top benefit of living in a townhouse is the low price tag. You will be able to obtain the feeling of living in a conventional home without paying a high price. This makes it an excellent option for a family or a couple wishing to live in a larger space than an apartment but still retain most (and even more) of the benefits.

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