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factors that delay a real estate closing

The real estate closing is the last step you must take in order to officially become the owner of a home. Once you submit a formal offer to a property, the closing will likely take place in about 30 days.

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tips improving home mortgage rates

Mortgage rates have a huge influence on how much you pay for a home each month, as well as the overall amount you will end up paying. Obtaining a good mortgage rate could eventually save you a substantial amount of

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getting the perfect settlement agent

Settlement agents do a lot of behind-the-scenes work for the buyer during the home buying process. Their main goal is to ensure a smooth transfer of the property from the seller to the buyer, but they are also an excellent

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benefits of townhouse

What is a Townhouse? If you are someone who desires to live in more of a “home” environment than offered in a typical apartment, a townhouse may be perfect for you. While you won’t have the large outdoor space and

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It’s National Homeownership Month. It’s the perfect time to say how proud the FIT Agency team is to be a part of the industry that makes homeownership a reality for so many Americans, especially those here in New Jersey. “Homeownership

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settlement agent

Did you know that you have the right to select your own settlement agent? That’s right. If you’re purchasing a new home of if you are a homeowner who’s refinancing your existing home, you can select the settlement agent that

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digital mortgage solution

Technology has advanced to the point where the entire mortgage process – from application to close – can be fully automated. However, humans will still play an integral part in the process or at least they should, according to a

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mortgage applications

According to a new article on, one of the main reasons that mortgage applications are denied in the U.S. is high debt-to-income (DTI) ratios. Approximately one in four mortgage applications is turned down for this reason. Most mortgage lenders

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mortgage interest rates

Did you know that about a third of homeowners in the U.S. don’t know their mortgage interest rate? In a recent Bankrate survey, 29% of respondents either didn’t know or chose not to reveal their rates. This could be costing

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Millennials are having a big impact on the housing market right now, but what are some of the current millennial home buying trends? We’ve done our homework and come up with the following insights about millennials and home buying based

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