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Welcome to the FIT Agency Website!

by admin

The team at FIT Agency is thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new responsive website. It features a modern, innovative and creative design that not only reflects our brand and values, but provides lots of useful information for our clients and other visitors.

The website showcases our experienced team, our partners, and our technology, including our exclusive e-checking capabilities. The site also has separate pages dedicated to the different types of clients we serve, and provides lots of testimonials from our customers explaining why they love working with us. Our new “On the Pulse” blog is also a great new resource we’re providing to help our clients stay informed about the latest market news and industry trends.

Self-Serve Options on the Website

There are lots of self-serve options on our website as well. You can contact us directly through the site using our Contact form. You can also sign up for our newsletters or follow us on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Title Services with Personalized, Concierge Service

Our company is owned and managed by women, who are highly experienced in the title industry and focused on providing our clients with personalized, concierge-style service. We handle all types of transactions including residential, commercial, foreclosures, short sales, and new construction. And our client list is made up of realtors, lenders, sellers, buyers, attorneys and investors throughout New Jersey.

Dedication to the Community and Industries We Serve

Our team is dedicated to serving the community where we work in Monmouth County. And we also believe in playing an active role in shaping the industry to ensure it’s headed in the right direction. We are active in many organizations that are dedicated to improving the title industry, as well as the real estate landscape as a whole.

FIT Agency

FIT Agency provides comprehensive real property title and settlement service. We are proud to provide personalized service by getting to know each client and working with them individually to achieve their goals. To learn more, contact us today.

Getting Started

Our goal is to treat you with personalized service by getting to know your goals and helping you to achieve success. We’ll partner with you to provide fast and accurate title and settlement services. By continuously analyzing our processes and integrating the newest technologies, we streamline our processes so you get faster turnaround times to meet your important deadlines. Start building a professional relationship with us today. Send an inquiry now.

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