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The average millennial eats out five or more times per week. And a new survey by Open Listings reveals that dining out is the indulgence that people from this generation find the hardest to give up when trying to save

Read More recently analyzed the 100 largest real estate markets in the country to determine which 10 it believes will be the hottest in 2018. To make its predictions, the online magazine looked at existing home sales and prices, new home

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digital mortgages

Digital mortgages aren’t just getting lip service from mortgage lenders these days. Many lenders are accepting the fact that digital mortgages are inevitable, and many are making strides toward making sure their lending organizations will be ready to compete with

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If you are thinking about buying an older home or just bought one, and you’re wondering if there are ways to integrate technology to make the home a “smart home,” you are in luck. Here’s a new article that gives

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According to a new article in the Washington Post, housing options of the future will look very different from homes today. It said today’s options are outdated and based on traditional values that don’t really apply any longer. However, homes

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